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Resource One IT us_flag_48_stars-svg

Budget between $5,000 and $10,000

Scope of work included design, content development, On Site Search Engine Optimization.

University City Partners
Talk Talk

Middlesbrough uk-union-flag

(A multi site project)

Scope of work: Social media refocus, mobile site conversion and digital marketing strategy development and consultation. Within a three month contract, we increased revenue from £100k a month to £400K a month.

Zoiglhaus us_flag_48_stars-svg

Worked for the launch of this SE Portland Brewery. We built up anticipation for opening, and sustained interest in the Brewery with local and regional press.

Social media focused around Facebook and we organically grew the reach to 2,000 beer drinkers within the 60 day contract.

University City Partners
Portland Animal Clinic

us_flag_48_stars-svgPortland Animal Clinic

SEO, site management and social media consultancy increased visitors by 30{87cafdfd86b5a9963fe85f8ff7281cb7833ae312292540ff5fbcc518463b2088} in one month now two months in and increased social media likes, and outreach has doubled. Bounce rate on website is 8{87cafdfd86b5a9963fe85f8ff7281cb7833ae312292540ff5fbcc518463b2088} due to content layout changes and design of site.

The website design for this project was completed by the talented independent designer, Melissa Love.